15 January 2011

Bookcase Makeover

The saying goes..."a picture says thousand words".  Well, I was sorely embarrassed by my Christmas morning photographs of happy people, puppy, beautiful tree and this horrid, overstuffed bookcase in nearly EVERY shot!  It wasn't until I was asked to share the photos that I really noticed how bad it had gotten.  Hopefully Lewis' parents are not concerned for his safety at our house after viewing this...


Yesterday, I picked up a tidy little 5 shelf bookcase for cheap to deal with my problems.  I think I will upgrade later when I turn an empty bedroom into an official library, once we find permanent placements for daughters!

In July, I painted Gina's bedroom this lovely peacock blue and I just love it!  It's warm and inviting in the winter, yet cool and relaxing in the summer!   So I thought I would go with a magazine article suggestion and group the books by binding colors and add interest to my bookcase with other objects.  Well, I have plenty of "other objects" and went into the depths of the dungeon (aka basement) to dig out something interesting and still loved.

I kept the majority of my cookbooks and culinary based books in the living room and moved all of the fiction or reference stuff to the new bookcase.

There was no cure for the magazine ugliness and I am not yet ready to let go.  I did organize magazines by name and date and threw away all but cooking magazines.  Progress?

OK- This post is now almost a week old and the project is not quite finished, but I will post the before only shots and complete this weekend and post the afters! 

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  1. Looking forward to the After shots. I've been struggling with the same thing here; overly stuffed bookshelves, not attractively arranged. My first attempt to "fluff" them resulted in a very stuffy, grandmotherly look. Argh. Can't figure out how to get away from that, short of toss out all my things and buy nothing but lucite and stainless from now on!