03 July 2012


I don't live in a fancy house, or drive an expensive car.  I can wear a shirt from Target just as easy as a designer brand.
I was thrilled to get these beautiful champagne glasses at a flea market (they're pink and from France :)) for 25 cents each, and love old things with character. 

I spend more money on food than anything else.  And cookbooks.

I just don't find much pleasure from pure consumption, whether food or goods.

Then I shopped and fell in love with this;

OMG.  All of the above went right out the window and I bought the biggest one they had.  10 quarts of shiny, hammered copper. 

Beautiful handles;

Warm patina;

It's 95+ degrees in Michigan this week and I'm plotting new soup recipes, looking for fruit to cook and preserve, creating excuses to boil stuff and basically gawking at the loveliness of this Ruffoni pot.  

I guess it suits the time of year for me, as I am also placing holiday orders for The Boulevard Market.  Christmas in July! 



  1. That pan is so cool! Glad you ended up buying it :)