26 September 2011

Last week we celebrated Pierre's very first Birthday!  YES, I went over the top, YES, we donated a bunch of really cool things to the Midwest Small Breed Rescue, YES, it was featured in the county newspaper (how HILARIOUS is that?) and YES, we all had so much fun!
I found these super sweet "doggie" bags and made assorted size biscuits with colorful frosting.  The frosting is a white candy coating (no chocolate) I colored with food coloring and assorted sprinkles.  I made a variety of biscuit sizes appropriate for different sized dogs and stuffed the baggies for "big" dogs or "little" dogs! 

I used colorful felt, pompoms, ribbon and boas to create party hats for the dogs.  Again, I made a variety of sixes and left the elastic chin strap a bit longer, so they could be a customized fit simply by knotting the elastic.

Along with the Birthday cake, I also created a platter just for dogs of bacon, ham wedges and muffins.  The Birthday cake was frosted with peanut butter and decorated with candy dog bones!  The candy dog bones were also featured on the "People" foods;

For our people guests, I did a Raspberry Vanilla Cupcake with a lemon buttercream frosting!  A cheese plate and beverages rounded out the treats!

Our Pierre has plenty of everything a dog needs, so guests were asked to donate to the Midwest Small Breed Rescue in lieu of a gift.  WOW!  All of our friends are so generous!  The MSBR was so excited to have great goodies for needy dogs!  I love these types of rescue organizations as they are fostering dogs in homes versus a shelter! 

We had 17 dogs attend and about 25 people!  I think it was so much fun for all of us (we could have done without the rain) especially the dogs!
Each dog went home with a doggie bag full of biscuits and I picked up a bunch of rope, balls and squeaky toys as party favors.  I didn't get a photo of it, but I put all of those in a large wooden bowl for the dogs to choose from.
It was amazing that all the dogs got along great (so did the people) and enjoyed an hour of fun and cake!!!  I hope this inspires you to throw a dog birthday party for a great cause and have fun!

You can find all of the recipes I used on this blog by using the search bar 

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