10 June 2011

Little Pierre Update

I thought I'd share a bit about Little Pierre today.  Pierre is now 9 months old and full of energy and love! 

This is his spot in the Living Room, which affords a view of the driveway and kitchen.  Pierre can monitor all movement and bark accordingly.  
 We are just now able to capture a "still" Pierre.  Terriers have a lot of energy!
 We are having fun with dog ice cream!  I am always amazed at the products available for dogs!

He has an invisible fence in our backyard, so he's able to run and play at whim!  Pierre has made friends with the neighbor dogs, so there is much activity to keep him busy!    Pierre has experienced his first vaccinations, a string eating episode, his first bee sting and 2 doggie parties! 

Otto and Pierre are now friends, they often play together and the cats love Pierre's dog treats!  Otto keeps Pierre groomed and in line!

When Pierre is unsupervised, he occasionally gets himself in trouble.  It absolutely amazes me how much stuffing little cat toys contain!

We do love having a summer afternoon read and nap together!

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