20 December 2010

Comfort and Joy...

I am always looking for bits of comfort and joy during the holidays.  It's so easy for me to be wrapped up in our shop, family stuff, Christmas preparations etc.  And of course, I have this insane idea that everything must be "perfect"!  Whatever perfect is?!?!  Here are some things that I've found "perfect" in this holiday season.

 I think these paperwhites are really perfect and lovely for the holidays!  After many days of 20 degree weather, snow and ice, they are magically fragrant and delicate!  

 Our boy "Otto" is perfect...he's had a hard time of it lately dealing with the new puppy, Pierre.  Maybe they can be friends under the Christmas tree?

 I think the "peanut blossom" recipe has to be about the most perfect cookie ever invented!  Chewy peanut butter cookie with a crispy sugar coating and a lovely drop of chocolate dead center.  

I'm happy to share the recipe, just comment! 


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