06 October 2014

DIY Planner

Are you a planner/personal agenda person? I am and always have been. I have a bunch of old leatherish binders, a really beautiful ($55!!!) Day designer, notebooks and most recently apps for phone and tablet and laptop that sync...."I can't even". All were sort of useful but not really functional for my life right now. I run a retail business and an Inn and 2 wholesale companies. When I have a mistake/forget things, it can go downhill quickly (I prefer the term...shit hits the fan). However none of the planners are for people like me. They are for people that do meetings, make appointments or snack day at elementary school or get a manicure (I wish!!). I also hate the whole month since I get overwhelmed, but can't do a daily since there are ugly surprises when I turn the page at 5am. The weekly ones are nice but there's no space for writing "don't forget to order Halloween wines". So I created my own!
I purchased a Piccadilly Tiffany blue notebook, gathered up a bunch of cool stickers and whatnot I had in my "project room" and got to work.
I added tab dividers that work for me and pages like "Thanksgiving" with room for a guest list, decor ideas and a whole square to plan "the feast"!!!
I added a page for my Christmas gift list, thoughts and ideas every week as well as a spot for gratitude and planning my cooking classes.
Here's a whole slew of photos to get you inspired to create your own planner!

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  1. Apologies, but I took ALL cell phone photos to just finish this post and share! Will (possibly) take a few with another camera to get clearer results and replace :) Hope you enjoy! E