02 January 2014

Fromage Fort

Happy New Year!! If you've got leftover cheese lurking about, this is the recipe for you!! Enjoy

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  1. OK Ericka, have you been snooping in my cheese drawer? So this is that time when all those must throw out once a year items occur (baking soda, baking powder, yeast, moldy cheese), but perhaps I have found an excuse not to throw the cheese out? I figure I can always cut away the green stuff.

    So what do you think about left over halloumi and brun usto? Could that be included or do I need to fire up the grill at -17 F.

    1. Barbara; Haha! I too, have many bits and bobs of cheese lurking this time of year! I cannot throw them out no matter how fuzzy or old they are! I would go ahead and grind them all up versus grilling per usual. I have used absolutely EVERY type of cheese for this and it always turns out great and you can never "find" which weird cheese you might have used in the finished product. I hope you enjoy as much as we always do!