06 January 2013

Happy New Year!

A whole new year.

So sorry for being out of touch during the holidays.  I was limiting the areas of crazy in my life.

We had a great holiday with all of ours girls home, lots of food, work, twinkle lights, laughs and even a bit of lounging around.

I've been catching up on end-of-the-year stuff, new cookbooks and novels, STILL potty-training little Henry and may even get my Christmas cards sent out before February :) 

I also had to do a bit of soul searching as to how I would move forward in 2013 with various things, this blog included.

Over the last years I've been sharing all sorts of weird stuff from my pups to a disease called PLEVA to ridiculous political bs going on in our small town, to furniture refinishing.....

So I'm thinking of stream lining a bit.  Just doing food? I don't know....I'd love to hear your thoughts.

Happy New Year!


  1. If you HAVE to streamline to maintain sanity, then do it. But I love blogs that cover all aspects of a person's life (like Meg Duerkssen's wonderful "Whatever"). All of it, from crafting to broken arms to raising chickens to diet and exercise, adds up to a unique and interesting glimpse into a person's life. And the more details, the more we readers find that we can identify with.


  2. I've enjoyed your blogs...so streamline! You mentioned the "ridiculous political B.S." Going on in town...so elaborate! Oh..an the Mac n Cheese was sooo yummy!