09 June 2012

Our Graduate & Summer Snapshots

Our girl Jamie graduated from high school last week.  The baby.  It was fabulous and exciting and we love experiencing the woman she is becoming!

Our neighbors have a new member of the family.  A tiny pig named Lily.  Pierre was mystified.

John and I celebrated our 23rd wedding Anniversary.  It was a special day of enjoying each others company and our family.  We also enjoyed a splash of his gift from me :)

The Main Street Farmers market in a neighboring town is my very favorite!  Turkey eggs, great food, honey, cool plants, you name it!  The best part of this week's market was introducing our college intern, Mara, at The Boulevard Market, to the pleasures of a local Farmers Market!  

I've had a collection of copper pans for years and never used them for cooking.  Why?  Because I'm an idiot!  Drug them out, cleaned them up....using them and enjoying every minute (even just to boil eggs)!!

Only 7 days until our graduation party...I am officially over the edge.  However, the place is looking good, I've got a new bottle of motrin, and we are starting a whole new chapter in our family!

Recipes?  Ummm....here's what we've been eating for supper these days.  Delicious but not too exciting.

New York Pumpernickel bagels with cream cheese and tomatoes.

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