03 October 2011

Things I've been thinking about this week....

How terrible that I only want shave my legs the same day I scrub the bathtub?  Then I don't do it, because it will get the sparkly clean bathtub all nasty?

How come falling down as an adult hurts so damn bad?!?!?! Took a spill, still have criks and creaks and bruises (and a witness) 2 weeks later.  The witness was the the worst.....she still hasn't stopped laughing.

After seeing multiple posts on Facebook with the quote "Great people talk about Ideas, Average people talk about Things, Small people talk about other people" It brings to minds a book I just read about life in a small town in Italy.  The reason everyone goes to the Piazza everyday...is to talk about the people that aren't there!  They are not embarrassed to say it!  Funny how people are the same, no matter where you go!

The older I get, the more I like polka music.  Yes, I grew up with it, but it's fun music to listen to.  No one can be unhappy while listening to songs titled "In Heaven there is no Beer"!

I'm dressing up the dog for Halloween.  Seriously, if I have to take him out every morning at 6am....he's gonna entertain me by wearing clothes and costumes.I'm thinking a big cow bell and fake udders....any thoughts on that?

How did Proctor & Gamble come up with the miracle of Febreze? BTW I LOVE< LOVE< LOVE the disgusting commercials of people picking up horrid stuff that's been "febrezed"!  But they are true, my house can be a nightmare, but I spray some febreze (linen & sky) and it just seems cleaner.  Sorry if this offends, but they deserve to make billions on a product as fabulous as febreze.  (Don't you love the lexicon too?!?!)

Am I being cheap by not wanting to spend $500 on an iPad?  Can someone PLEASE tell me exactly what the little bugger does that will make me want to spend $500 on it.


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