11 August 2011

Les Fruits du Vieux Garcon-Old Bachelors Macerated Fruits

I have been hosting a preserving class once a month since April and WOW, has it ever been fun!  Women (and men) from all walks of life, interested in preserving the best fruit and produce Michigan has to offer, by freezing, canning and preserving in BOOZE! 

One of our favorite projects is the fresh fruit macerated in vodka!  Since this recipe takes some time, the anticipation is building and we may need some designated drivers by November's class!

I originally noted these recipes in many French country cookbooks and recipes, as well as seeing them jarred and sold to me at The Boulevard Market.  My thought was: Oh yes.....I need a big jar of that.

There is no recipe per se, it's all about what is in season, fruit wise, a large jar and plenty of booze.
 Here is what you need:

1 Gallon Jar with lid
6 different fruits about 8 ounces each, washed, stems discarded, halve the larger fruits (peaches) and discard pits from stone fruits
Large bottle of Vodka or Cognac
3+ cups of sugar

Sterilize jar and layer in your first fruit, I used cherries.  Cover with about 1/2 cup of sugar and pour in enough vodka to completely cover the fruit.  Cover with top loosely and store in a cool dark place.  Continue adding fruits as they come into season, covering each addition with sugar then vodka.  Let rest for at least 3 months in a cool dark place.

These fruits are incredible mixed into cakes and baked goods, served with ice cream or custard.  The actual vodka is lovely as a dessert cordial, reduced to syrup for pancakes or made into a spritzer with club soda.  The options are endless and delicious!

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  1. Erika,
    Have you any recipes to share with those who follow your blog in which you used this macerated fruit or the "syrup?"