11 September 2010

A whole lotta pork!

Just the two of us last night for supper...Jamie and I! We enjoy a little something different when John isn't home. Jamie and I eat, talk and laugh together, enjoy a new recipe and limit distractions. We find out something new about the other, find a different perspective, share secrets and what we are reading, share dreams and fears. Daughters are really something special!

We decided on pork tenderloin wrapped with basil and guanciale a pork cheek bacon that has been rubbed with black and red pepper and cured for 3 weeks. Guanciale has a stronger pork flavor, but a more delicate texture than traditional bacon.

I chose a tenderloin that was about 1 1/2 lbs. (perfect for 3 people) so I didn't have too much leftover and it cooks quickly to avoid blackened bacon. You could put this in the oven, but I grilled mine. A side of rice pilaf with olive oil and a green salad with goat cheese rounded out the meal!

1 1/2 lb pork Tenderloin {remove silver tendon}
25 Fresh Basil Leaves
6 pieces Guanciale
Salt & Freshly Ground Pepper

Preheat grill to high.

Salt and pepper tenderloin on all sides and cover with basil leaves. I covered half with basil leaves then strips of guanciale, then flipped it over, covered the remaining half and wrapped the guanciale tightly.

I put the tenderloin on the hot grill with the guanciale ends on the grill first so it would sear the bacon and have it hold together when I flipped it over. It WORKED! I then turned heat to medium on grill and cooked about 9 minutes per side until nearly well done. I love pork juicy, so be careful not to overcook! The bacon was perfect too! Enjoy...


  1. What kind of grill do y'all have?

  2. Dual burner propane. I use it year around...nothing special. Maybe after I no longer have teen age drivers on my auto insurance I will be able to afford a spiffy, stainless, gazillion btu beauty to baste on...it's gonna be a while! You could sear in a pan and finish off in the oven too!

  3. *ROWR* That sounds so GOOD!

    I had a rum marinated pork tenderloin in Ann Arbor at Cafe Habana last night that was outstanding. I think it would be right up your alley.

  4. Most everything at Cafe Habana is right up my alley! They do some great Cuban food and Mojitos!