12 August 2010

Books, coffee....Culinary Book Club anyone?

Some women have a weakness for shoes, handbags, earrings...my weakness is books. I cannot NOT look and purchase! Cookbooks are my favorite genre (big surprise)mainly because I feel they hold so much promise. Rarely am I disappointed in a cookbook. Cookbooks can be entertaining in a "food porn" sort of way and interactive when you want them to be. They are not like the internet that gives me 2,333,497 choices when I am looking for a recipe and I only buy cookbooks that have fabulous photos (ok, I do have several beloved cookbooks that have no photos, but they are special) and a little fun do-dad paragraph to read. Cookbooks do not make me feel guilty for spending time with them instead of vacuuming the floor, because they are "work" related.

I read lots of other fictional and non-fictional books as well and try to finish most. I have a few authors that I buy their hardcovers and Borders makes is super easy by sending me these totally targeted emails to my inbox! It's quite obnoxious in a thrilling sort of way! I think the IT folks are super clever and want to know all their secrets! We tend to go to the Borders on Lohr Rd. in Ann Arbor, because it's closest to our home and so not snobby or pretentious. Regardless of how big Borders becomes, it is a Michigan company and we can always use more of those! borders also carries a fantastic line of stationery that we will have to discuss another time!

I also cannot resist the cafe located inside. Really, I love when someone else makes my latte. Always espresso, foamy, creamy steamed milk and sometimes a shot of a delish syrup. It is my small luxury to myself. I love throwing my purchases into my shoulder bag and sipping my special beverage as I leave, knowing a new reading experience awaits me! Even the dead of this hot and humid summer does not deter me from enjoying a hot latte (medium, please)!

I sometimes wish I could be a girl that enjoys the movies and serials on TV...but the remote control has progressed to the point of utter confusion for me, so I grab another book. I am starting a new one this evening...we'll see if it makes my list of favorites!

What do we think of starting a culinary book club? Everyone meets and eats? Discuss the book over your favorite recipe from the book? It could be fictional...functional...FUN?!?!!? Let me know YOUR thoughts! Feel free to comment, email erika@boulevardmarket.com or respond on Facebook to The Boulevard Market page!


  1. Oh I think that is a FABULOUS idea! as long as it doesn't meet on Tuesday or Thursday (lol!) Those are the days I'm in school from 8am to 9pm. Let me know when it starts!

  2. Will do! I was thinking a Wednesday!

  3. Erika, I am in! You know I love books, wine and good food. Wednesday is a perfect evening for me.