08 July 2010

BEWARE: Contains gray hair and a swear word!

Maybe all of you can help me understand how it is possible to apply haircolor, stain every surface with in 5 feet and still not be able to color a few gray hairs?!?!!? What the hell are these hairs made of?

In my younger days, I thought I might go gray gracefully...I might if I was 70+! Now, they just plain aggravate me with their glints in the sun, the ones on the back of my head that I can't see, or the stray that sticks straight out of the lovely Audrey Hepburn-like ponytail (even after you've used your husband's hair gel!)!

Is this vain? Quite possibly.

Raising teenage girls has honed the hair coloring process for me....
The house rules have been straight forward. No piercing, no tattoos until you can sign your name legally (18) but hair is fair game. It grows, it can be colored...over and over and over again. Go nuts. And they did! They cannot afford the upkeep of platinum blond with sweeps of red, blue and black, so we have single handedly taken Sally Beauty Supply stocks to new levels. Over the years, I too, have learned to touch up my roots (shhh) and add a couple highlights, but I prefer the professionals.

Maybe I will take a cue from the girls and go golden soon....all the better to hide those grays? Kudos to those of you who have accepted the gray challenge and unlike myself...gotten over it already! Tomorrow is soon enough to start accepting my reality!


  1. I get dye on the CEILING, and still manage to have silver in amongst the violet. But it's all good!

    You're purrrrrrty with or without the grey!

  2. Awww Thanks. I like your purple hair!