14 March 2010

To enjoy...

I think I am like most Americans. I work quite a bit, I have goals and deadlines (written down!) I am commonly in perpetual motion until I collapse. I enjoy simple, small things, but they disappear at such a rapid speed, it's tough to keep in my memory. Time is slipping away. My children are nearly all grown, only a few orchestra concerts and lacrosse games dot calendar spaces, I am enjoying each one! I read an interesting sentence lately that goes something like "time (youth) is like ice in your hands." It really made me stop and think.

Little by little, I am learning to just find time to enjoy life. I am putting obligations aside for an hour (frequently and planned) to sip wine, read, write, draw, look around the world really seeing and listening, SAVORING. So, I am now becoming more PRESENT in everyday life. I want more special moments and more time to sit and enjoy something ordinary, something beautiful, something delicious...without a "game plan", menu or clock.

Today I am inviting the family over for supper, to enjoy them and great food.

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  1. Very sweet and well written Erika.