08 January 2010

New Year=New Thinking

So, this new year I made a couple resolutions PUBLIC! What was I thinking? I'm thinking out loud and that can lead to disaster! But in this case, I don't think so. This blog was started last year when a) it was a slower retail time, b)I was in the mood to cook and bake like a fiend c) I wasn't sure which direction I wanted to go with this other than recipes. That was dumb, because I usually plan like crazy for committment and if I don't it leads to guilt and avoidance. The guilt and avoidance is why there hasn't been a post since October! I knew this year I needed to make some changes so, Voila! Plans and decisions have been made, you will see what I love posted on this blog along with things I think you might enjoy. Feel free to comment and suggest, discuss and share ideas!

I truly learned to love Espresso while visiting Italy. Gas stations, restaurants, peoples homes, it didn't matter, it was all fantastic! So why can it be so nasty here in Michigan?

The beans matter; I like my Espresso beans to either come from Italy (there are lots of great brands) or be a Central American coffee bean roasted dark (Guatemalan, Costa Rican)and rich, but no scorched flavor or bitterness. It pays to try some different types and find what you like. Buy a few beans of a few different styles and be prepared to trash the brewed espresso or mix beans for a custom blend that you love. I love the Italian Roast we sell at the shop by the pound, Roos Roast Italian and Dark Matter from San Rafael Coffee (all locally roasted in Ann Arbor).

Moka Pots; I don't have a fancy, expensive espresso machine...I have Moka Pots. They are the strange little 3 piece, metal coffee makers from Italy. You can choose different sizes to fit your needs. You simply take them apart, fill the bottom with water (there is a line inside) fill the filter with ground coffee and put it on the stove. You will hear it gurgling and the top will fill with finished espresso. SO EASY!

Sugar; I like to use raw sugar in my Espresso, but again, sample some different sugars and decide how much and what type fits your taste. There is no right or wrong!

You don't need little demitasse cups, but they are fun! I have several styles and colors because I like to buy dishes and drink espresso. (It's not a issue until you admit it's a problem! John may disagree!)

Once you have made espresso, you can drink it as is (my favorite) or turn it into a coffeehouse creation by adding steamed milk, flavored syrups, spices etc.

ENJOY! I love having an espresso after dinner or in mid-afternoon, but if you hate it after trying different things, put your pot in the basement until you make a recipe calling for espresso and drink what you like! Life is too short to drink something you hate because it seems like the trendy thing to do!

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